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Random: Panorama

Maybe I need a (very) late pass, but since I’ve ventured into the land of all things Google-ey (Googly? Googley?)….. Google Photos has taken the liberty of patching together sequences of photos I’ve previously taken. The result is a panorama that my own fumble fingers could not achieve.. LOL. Marvel in the Googleness…. (Googality? Googalitarianism? Googlescence? Help me out here….)

Great Googley moogley!

we the people

We at are united in the struggle for equality, and stand in solidarity with all who are against racism, brutality and injustice. It is finally time to face down the ugly past of our history, and make lasting change so that this sordid history does not repeat. We cannot in good conscience propagate the myth that “all lives matter” until racism, police brutality, white supremacy, willful ignorance and the systems that keep them in place have been fundamentally and forcefully dismantled.

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