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An Eye for an i?

Hello again. I previously wrote about my journey into the world of Android devices. Initially, I kept an iPhone 13 Pro as a backup device in case something happened to, or should I get tired of my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Yep, that’s quite a mouthful. Not only have I NOT grown tired of it, I just sold the iPhone. To keep a backup “just-in-case” device, I picked up a much cheaper but still capable Google Pixel 6a. For $349, I don’t mind keeping it in a drawer or my travel bag in the event I need a spare.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G –
a BEAST of a smartphone.
Google Pixel 6a –
Great Googley Moogley.

This is the first time in many years that I currently DON’T own an iPhone. Honestly, I’m okay with that. I won’t rehash the prior observations concerning the lack of iMessage and FaceTime, because what once was the reason I was all-in with the Apple ecosystem no longer holds me hostage. Most of my important meetings are run via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Google One has replaced iCloud Drive, for the most part. I haven’t fully left Apple products behind because, Mac mini and MacBook Air. I still firmly believe that my M1 MacBook Air is the most reliable laptop I’ve ever owned. And I’ve owned PLENTY of laptops, just ask my wife…..

Back to the subject, I’ve grown comfortable enough with Samsung and Google devices to just enjoy something a little different. Don’t be afraid to try other gadgets, technology is for everybody. It is in that spirit that I recognize that I no longer have an eye for an “i”. At least not this time around. Be good to each other, see you around.


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